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For her: The earthy Virgo woman craves tangible proof of your commitment. A simple "promise ring" is good. Even better, go out shopping together and buy one for each other. Create a special love nest, then spend several hours pleasing her. She'd love a hike together to the top of a mountain where you shout your love for her to the world, or carve your names in a tree.

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For him: This man is a true romantic, and loves the hearts and flowers as much as you do. Give him something beautiful, like a silky shirt, a bottle of cologne, or you in your most delectable lingerie. You might also surprise him with a meal at an Asian restaurant -- his artistic soul would adore a lovely tea-garden setting complete with a bridge and koi pond.

For her: The Libra woman saves all the cards and love notes her beloved has ever given her, and takes them out periodically to savor the expressions of love. So a card with your feelings expressed in your own words is first and foremost. Then, treat her to an elegant meal by candlelight. Items of beauty are always welcome, from flowers to pretty lingerie.

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For him: This devoted man is thinking about you on Valentine's Day, and his satisfaction comes from making sure you are happy. Being extra receptive to his generous efforts to cook you a special meal or bring you pleasure in other ways is the best gift you can give him.

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You might return the favor with tickets to a great play or concert. For her: For all her mysterious sexual allure, the Scorpio woman is a realist. For her, a quiet walk together appreciating the beauty of nature might express your love better than an over-the-top display of balloons and flowers. The sensual side of her craves your total attention, so plan a getaway to somewhere hidden and romantic, and watch as she absolutely swoons!

For him: An outing for pizza on Valentine's Day will satisfy this simple guy's tastes -- and a lovely card with a box of chocolates Sagittarius has a sweet tooth will make him your little lapdog. An overnight road trip to a cabin in the woods with a blazing fireplace would please his outdoorsy soul, or think tickets to a great comedy show or film. For her: The Sagittarian woman appreciates you taking the time to do something special for her, and values that more than an expensive gift. So cook her a special dinner with wine, candles, a red rose and a heartfelt card.

Or you could plan a picnic somewhere beautiful in nature if it's warm enough, or have lunch at a place with a gorgeous view if it's not. For him: This man is always takin' care of business; your sweetness and caring are a balm to his parched soul. Surprise him with a visit to a day spa for mutual pampering, a romantic picnic, or elegant dinner.

Shopping together for a special antique would be fun for this old-fashioned guy. A commitment to grow old together may be the best gift of all.

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For her: This woman likes a sensual man. A 2-hour massage given by you would be her idea of Valentine heaven. It would be worth taking a class to learn how to do this properly -- her deep appreciation for your attention to her weary bones will pay off in unimaginable ways. Practical gifts are also good, like tickets to a show you'll both love.

In a similar vein, if you have a crush you want to finally connect with make a special effort to do so today. It should be straightforward for Libras to connect with a crush that could potentially go the distance today. For those Capricorns not currently in a relationship, expect a strong attraction with someone with long-term potential thanks to the placement of Venus. With Jupiter in your house of friendships, the stars are not necessarily on your side in relation to your love life.

Daily horoscope: How will February 14 affect your love life? An unfairly handsome heart seeks you out, especially in the spring. Your intuitive, alert sensitivities are poised for greatness, for vast applause. Inheriting richness and regal sophistication… a private passion.

At the crossroads. LEO July 23 — Aug. Finding favour with the ancient Gods. Entertaining a world stage. Life would have no charm without you around. The sign of royalty has seen it all, and has been much maligned. No more! An unusual excitement follows you throughout A time to heal your wounded heart.

Nothing will be halfway, and few will be able to keep pace with you, so let them fall behind. Demonstrating an inhuman calm amid the chaos. Romance is sure to surprise. Covering new ground. Great has been your pain, so realize from now on, you must do it your way. Come out from hiding, as rings in a season of social popularity. A youthful vigor could cause the heart to stray. Examine your conscience, the painfully sharp edges of reality.

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Daring to envision so much more, as you exercise your stupendous talents. Shocking revelations, secrets explored… bring enlightenment. Having the time of your life! Past struggles were a necessary spiritual cleansing.

Valentines Day horoscope 2018

The drama of is upon you, as you blossom with unusual sex appeal. Entering the spring of your life, could attract fair weather friends.