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Think of your draconic as your underwear. And your natal as your clothes.

It just makes things more comfortable for you when you have that inner clothing lining your skin against maybe sturdier clothing for the weather. You know how they say, underwear is there to make you feel like you have your own little secret?

What's your Draconic Sun, Moon, and ASC? - Lindaland

What does the nodes represent? The things that remains the same is the houses its in, but the signs are different. Taurus Moon to Virgo Moon. Sagittarius Venus to being an Aries Venus.

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You can take from both. Again, think of your draconic as your underwear and not your outer clothes. You gotta have a preference on underwear. Why freak out about your underwear when no one has to see it when you can spend your time fussing over your clothes?

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Mar 25, 1. And the true self. Mar 25, 2. Mar 25, 3.

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Where do you get explanations from? Mar 25, 4. Mar 25, 5. Nah, the Draconic chart is wrong.

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Mar 25, 6. Mar 25, 7. Mar 25, 8.

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Mar 25, 9. Mar 25, Mar 26, I posted this the other day asking for some info. Maybe you can help me with. Mar 27, Oh wow, I am still a cap but my leo moon has been replaced with a cancer moon And a whole bunch of pisces and scorpio.

How You Can Use Draconic Astrology to Better Understand Your Soul

All my fire replaced with water, tf? I can understand some of it. Aries sun, Pisces moon?