Juno in magi astrology

Though it does not create the overwhelming heat of other Sexual Linkages, it synchronizes the partner's energies and make them perfect complements to each other, raising lovemaking to a high art. Though this linkage doesn't create the immediacy of some other linkages, it does create sensuousness and passion and it makes a couple yearn to spend time together both as lovers and companions. This linkage can in some instances lead to jealousy.

The Venus-Pluto linkage is also Golden linkage and supports making money together. With this linkage too, the partners may begin to blame each other for the loss of attraction. This linkage is SO HOT that clients seldom believe it when they're told this linkage will burn out until it's too late.

However, even as a linkage it can on occasion create some level of domestic disharmony.


Juno Sexual Linkages always burn out if a couple marries. These linkages are the most commonly-found linkages in extramarital affairs.

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Sexual Planets which form a square or opposition in a CAC. A Super Sexual Linkage is altered by the fact that it contains two Sexual Clashes, but single Sexual Clashes eventually lead to sexual disappointment and can create jealousy and possessiveness. Will burn out inevitably if either of the Clashes is Mars-Pluto.

Will burn out after marriage if either of the Clashes is with Juno. Could also be created by Sexual Planetary Geometry with two or more clash angles. Lust-Hate Clash Mars Clash with Chiron This clash creates a high degree of sexual attraction, but also incompatibility and antagonism. Other Sexual Clashes Clashes between any 2 Sexual Planets Create initial sexual attraction which slowly fizzles out until they are burned out completely. The presence of and flavor of natal Sexual Aspects reveals an individual's sexual needs, capacity and tastes.

With Magi Astrology it's easy to see who is likely to be faithful to a partner, who is inclined toward cheating, and who has a tendency toward sexual addiction. It's also easy to see who has issues or blocks in their sexual expression and the overall level of a person's sex drive. Beyond this, natal sexual aspects and geometry can also reveal sexual tastes- what turns a person on and off.

Sexuality in Magi Astrology

Quantity of Sexual Aspects Some people have many Sexual Aspects, some have a few and some have none at all. The number of Sexual Aspects is indicative of the individual's basic level of sexual appetite. Having more Sexual Aspects is not necessarily better; the higher the individual's sexual needs as indicated by the number of Sexual Aspects, the less likely that individual is to be faithful. Anyone, at any time, can choose to follow negative impulses or to honor their commitments.

Regardless of the number of natal Sexual Aspects, it is important that a partner is chosen who has a similar level of sexual desire for mutual satisfaction. The greatest imbalance seems to occur when a female has more Sexual Aspects that her male partner.

Analysis of Sexual Aspects Both sexual and non-sexual planets aspecting one or more sexual planets give clues to a person's sexual needs and desires. Both the symbolisms of the planets involved and the type of aspect s formed are used to analyze the native's sexual nature. Magi research has discovered a certain type of Sexual Aspect which can incline a person toward sexual addiction- the Degraded Sexual Aspect.

A Degraded Sexual Aspect is any aspect in which an important Saturn midpoint is in very close aspect with both planets of a natal Sexual Aspect. Degraded Aspects have the ability to be especially toxic and destabilizing. Absolutely without judgment, to assist learning Geo Venus Conj.

Uranus with Saturn-Chiron Midpoint. Serial Cheater Aspects are another discovery of Magi Society research. These are aspects between the asteroids Juno and Sappho.

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Juno, Helio Sap. Not every celebrity who has been caught cheating has a cheater aspect- it is more often found in charts of serial cheaters rather than one-time cheaters. In my own practice, thus far it appears that not all people with natal serial cheater aspects actually are current serial cheaters, though people with these aspects are often "serial flirts.

Send Blessings to the men and women on the lists above and to their families and don't judge them. Few of us can imagine the pressures that celebrities face. Few of us realize the subconscious pain that can cause AND result from such compulsions. Online lessons in Magi Astrology are tutorials in elementary and essential Magi principles. They are not intended to teach basic astrological concepts - some knowledge of simple astrology is very helpful.

I am only at liberty to discuss research findings which have already been revealed to the public.

Judge Judy

I apologize if you are left with questions unanswered! Lessons will be periodically updated as more information is discovered and made public by the Magi Society. What can happen is that Chiron activates and lights up an area that has been restricted by Saturn. Chiron infuses life force into a constricted area — and this can cause a sensation of pain. A frozen Saturn limb is thawed by returning life force Chiron. This can feel uncomfortable. In this post we will look at Swedish he-man Dolph Lundgren.

Things to look for in his astrology include: the troubled childhood, the he-man energy, the rebel energy and the chemical engineering talent, as well as the charisma and his ability to forgive. Many times when I decide to look for specific traits in a person with the aid of Magi Astrology, I end up laughing out loud when I see the brilliance of the stars. This is such a case. This is an asteroid that is symbolic of the hunk, the gorgeous and manly man. We immediately see that Dolph has the Sun parallel Adonis in the declinations.

This is a clue to his tragic family circumstances, Saturn tragic family relations Chiron. The other he-man planet, Mars, is in super-tight, applying aspect to Adonis, resulting in a martial artist he-man Mars hunk Adonis. One of the aspect structures there are many that points to his engineering talent is based on the Sun-Chiron-Uranus t-square. In itself, this is quite a tense structure that suggests changing Uranus family relationships Chiron and a non-conforming Sun square Uranus attitude, but it also holds engineering skills Uranus and charisma Chiron.

The trine is an enhancement aspect and Uranus is the planet that has the least trouble with Saturn: we add scientific Saturn engineering Uranus to the mix. The charismatic chemistry rebel with a hard background who gains a leading name in the film industry.

Astrology with an Aloha Spirit

In the heliocentric realm we see clues to both the martial arts fame and the ability to forgive. This means the ability to make money Midas from a successful Jupiter career Chiron as a he-man Mars. Finally, in the heliocentric Zodiac 7 realm we find a triangle created by Juno, Adonis and Chiron. He has also been the focus of a television series.

For a healer, we might see the planets Jupiter benevolence Neptune healing Chiron life and intuitive trust to be significant in the natal astrology. Thanks to some helpful celestial mechanics, these aspects are all applying. This means they are building in exactness and therefore more powerful.